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X-Rite 361T Tabletop Transmission Densitometer
Measures density (up to 6.0D) and dot area. Used to linearize imagesetters, adjust exposure, perform processor quality control, verify duplicated or contacted films. UV mode measures film base fog and evaluates diazo films.

• Measuring area: 1mm, 2mm, 3mm apertures standard (.05mm optional)
• Measures negative and positive percent dot area
• Includes both Ortho and UV densitometer responses
• des interface cable for transmitting dot area readings to computers>

X-Rite 369 Diazo/Silver Film Densitometer
X-Rite has optimized the 369 Diazo/Silver Film Densitometer specifically for diazo film measurement commonly used in printed circuit board and microfilm applications. Switch filter responses with the touch of a button to measure either UV (diazo) or ortho (silver) film. The 369 can directly measure 0.0 to 5.0 density with an accuracy of plus/minus .04D at 4.5D when using the 2mm aperture. A push button null automatically resets the 369 to 0.0D. The light intensity control feature on the 369 recognizes densities above 4.0 and automatically activates higher lamp intensity. The unit's on-board microprocessor delivers stable, accurate density measurements up to 5.0D. We've installed a special orange-colored light table on the 369 to minimize UV leakage. This built-in safelight will protect your diazo film from uncontrolled changes in density.
• One-step calibration
• A null button
• RS-232 interface


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